About North BouTEAque

Sipping tea has always been a special part of bringing love, connection, and comfort in my life! One of my earliest memories of teatime is with my dad when I was a young child. I’ll always remember eating out at our favorite Chinese restaurant..the fancy one with the curling staircase and the ornate crystal chandeliers….he and I would always order a pot of hot green tea to share and sip it in our tiny white Chinese tea cups while waiting for our family-style entrees to arrive. As a young child, I, of course, would have to add a cube of ice so I could sip on it right away! We’d chat and sip and enjoy the ambiance. To this day, Asian food is my favorite cuisine!

Among other special moments and tea parties, my Bridal Bruch was at a tea house with a special five-course teatime experience that I will never forget! I also had a special bridal shower with green tea ice cream!

These days, along with my daily tea rituals, I have special teatimes with my daughters. We use this time to talk about “girly things” and questions about growing up. It’s a special time just to be together, slow down, and talk without any distractions.

When my sister started creating her hand-crafted organic teas, I felt such excitement to be able to enjoy this experience again with ingredients I knew were pure and healthy! I couldn’t wait to finish up my stock of other loose leaf (expensive) and store packaged tea so that I could solely drink hers….I never did finish my stock….as I started to do my own research, I discovered that most teas contain added fillers, pesticides, and other chemicals that are harmful to the body.

In 2016, my doctor put me on a special diet to try to help get my health back under control and rebalance my system. It helped immensely with a lot of my health issues, but other health problems started becoming more prominent. In March 2017, I had to go under anesthesia to have some expensive procedures and biopsies done by a specialist doctor. I was then diagnosed with Celiac along with some other medical problems, as a result of having untreated Celiac for over a decade without knowing it! Adjusting to this new way of life has been a difficult and challenging process for me.

Now, more than ever, I am truly thankful for a healthful, truly organic, gluten-free variety of hand-crafted teas! I can enjoy them without worry of further damage to my body that is working so hard to heal from the years of unknown Celiac damage! I savor my daily teas, as well as my holiday favorites without a second thought, and for any other Celiacs or others with food restrictions or allergies, know this is a huge win! My sister's tea has helped bring joy back to my life after having such a difficult time learning how to help my body heal! I love her tea so much that I just have to share it with others!

While I’m unable to eat out at my favorite Chinese restaurant anymore, I am able to find joy in the simple moments of life with my loved ones, and that's what matters most!


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